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 Sharuh Attorneys is a new brand of modern Advocates based in Cape Town. Our lawyers specialize in providing legal advice and representation in a variety of practice areas, including Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Labour Disputes, Property & Commercial Litigation, Immigration Law, Family Law, Medical Malpractice, Contract Dispute & Breach, Conveyancing, Delictual Claims and Sports Law.

Sharuh Attorneys have the competence to assist you in civil, criminal, property, and business litigations. You can obtain the services of civil, criminal, labor, and commercial litigations specialists leading to senior Advocates at any stage in the litigations. We undertake instructions on civil, criminal, labor, and commercial across all parts of Cape Town.

Expertise on Criminal matters: 

Don’t risk losing your professional reputation. If you are accused of a crime then without proper representation you could destroy both your career and reputation. Our Criminal Law Solicitors are experts at defending professionals for a wide range of criminal accusations and can help protect you and your reputation in the following: Fraud, money laundering, confiscation, restraint and forfeiture, statutory and regulatory offenses, rape, historic sexual abuse, downloading indecent images, murder, assaults, public disorder, domestic violence, drug trafficking, importations, dealing and possession; human trafficking, evasions of duty, thefts, speeding, drinking under the influence of alcohol, negligence driving, and other more unusual offenses. We have extensive experience in the prosecution of appeals and judicial reviews from both magistrates Courts and High Courts to the Constitutional Court. At all stages of defense, our defense attorneys will be driving towards the best possible outcome.

We understand how important your reputation is, and therefore our Criminal Law Solicitors will go above and beyond to defend their clients and use all of our knowledge and experience to fight any prosecution at every stage. We will defend our clients for a huge range of offenses. Whether these are minor prosecutions that can be dealt with in the Magistrates Court or more serious criminal charges that have to be dealt with in the Crown Court: we have the knowledge, experience, and approach to best protect our client’s interest.


Great Service. Highly Recommend.

Octavia Mtebele

Business Owner


Professional, Flexible, And Great Service, Very Satisfied. Highly Recommend.

Ck Ekeh

IT Manager

Why Sharuh Attorneys?

We provide an enhanced service as we are easy to speak to and respect the fact you need to speak to an attorney when you need to and we do not take cases on when we don’t think we will win. Finally, we treat each client with the respect they deserve and that is why we are successful.

We get to the heart of your problem and offer you a range of legal solutions to your legal problems.

Business and commercial Law; Corporate, Merger & Acquisition Law; Intellectual Property Right; Trademark Law; Patent Agent and Copyright Law

Family Lawyer; Divorce Law; Child Custody law; Child Adoption Law; Tax Lawyer

RSA General Practice Law

Personal Injury Law; Medical Malpractice and negligence Law; Car Accident Law; Criminal; Labor Lawyer, RSA Immigration Law; Civil Law; General Practice Appeal; Sexual Harassment Law; Civil Right Lawyers

Focused Experience

Our Advocates are experienced in written and oral advocacy in a range of practice areas and their core skills are in identifying and presenting the central issues in a case whilst formulating creative profitable solutions for clients.

In contentious cases, our skills are deployed in examining, cross-examining witnesses, and providing expert evidence. As such we are able to represent our client’s interests efficiently, advising tactfully and forcefully before any tribunal or court. Our primary focus is to ensure our legal advice is successful for all our client’s cases.


Practitioners at Sharuh attorneys have decades of first-hand commercial, professional, and legal practice experience. This means that we are often on the same wavelength with our clients on the practical issues causing their legal need and we are able to rapidly grasp the issues at stake.

Our barristers have committed their legal careers to understand the client first before acting on the client’s instructions. We are dedicated to ensuring all clients receive honest & transparent legal advice in Chambers.